Electric Motor Repair

SAVEMOTOR understands that electric motor repair is a critical part of your business’s operation. Motor related downtime can idle production lines, reduce productivity and throw schedules into disarray. With so much at stake, your electric motor repair services contractor has to provide quality repair and outstanding customer service. That’s why when it comes to electric motor repair, many industries choose SAVEMOTOR ! 
SAVEMOTOR provides service and maintenance of Electric Motors that is not only fast and reliable, but 100% guaranteed as well. SAVEMOTOR provides service and repair for any manufacture and model of motor.
Electric Repair  
- Standard & Premium Efficient motors
- Servo motors
- Brushless motors
- Redesign of AC and DC motors
- DC motors & generators
- Wound rotor motors
- High frequency alternators
- Magnetic chucks
- Dry type transformers
- Specialty coils
- Low & Medium voltage circuit breakers & switchgear
- New Motor Modification Services - Redesign of motors to meet specific end user requirements
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