Major Categories byType of Motor Commutation
Self-CommutatedExternally Commutated
Mechanical- Commutator MotorsElectronic- Commutator (EC) Motors Asynchronous Machines Synchronous Machines
Universal motor (AC commutator series motor or AC/DC motor) * Repulsion motorElectrically excited DC motor: * Separately excited * Series * Shunt * Compound PM DC motorWith PM rotor: * BLDC motor With ferromagnetic rotor: * SRM Three-phase motors: * Squirrel-cage induction motor * Wound-rotorinduction motor  AC motors: * Capacitor * Resistance * Split * Shaded-poleThree-phase motors: * Wound-rotor synchronus Motor * Permanent magnet synchronus Motor or Brushless AC motor  - IPMSM - SPMSM * Hybrid AC motors: * Permanent-split capacitor * Hysteresis * StepperSyRM * SyRM-PM hybrid
Simple electronicsRectifier, linear transistor(s) or DC chopperMore elaborate electronicsMost elaborate electronics (VFD), when provided